Meeting Roles: Table Topics Master

You run a fast-paced session of impromptu speaking

  • Prepare a list of topics for your speakers. The best topics are short and punchy, and easy for speakers to understand and remember. Long topics take up stage time and speakers tend to forget them, making you waste time and lose momentum when you have to remind them of what the topic was
  • When introducing speakers on stage, start by announcing the topic and leave the name of the speaker for the end as the last word you say, increase your volume and pitch (e.g. “…put your hands together for VAUGHAN EVANS!!!”) and clap vigorously
  • Make your transitions between speakers agile and fast-paced to leave as much time as possible for topics. This will ensure everybody gets a chance to speak
  • Arrive early and put together a list of topics speakers. All club members who are not on the programme should get the chance to do a table topic; you can then give topics to guests, and if you run out of people you can eventually give topics to people on the programme.
  • Save a strong speaker for the end, to close on a high note, and give the first topic to another strong speaker, to set the tone.
  • Every time you get up is a chance to inject new energy in the room by leading the clapping (so others follow). Always shake people’s hand when you welcome them on stage (you give them your energy) and when they leave the stage (they give you back the energy)