Meeting Roles: Table Topics Evaluator

You provide practical tips to a wide variety of speakers

  • Discipline is essential, as you have many speakers to evaluate and little time to do it (less than a minute per speaker).
  • Always start with a Commendation (C) before you give a Recommendation (R). If keeping to time is a big challenge you can do just CR rather than the traditional CRC.
  • Try to give different types of Cs and Rs. E.g. if you spot that many speakers clasp hands, don’t give the same R many times, give a general R on hand-clasping at the end. Equally, if you find yourself writing “good eye contact” for several speakers, try to change that for a different C.
  • Use the third person to evaluate. “He, she, our speaker”. Not “you”. This helps you to share the tips with the whole club for all to learn, as using the second person makes it sound like you are just addressing the speaker