Meeting Roles: Speech Evaluator

You provide an evaluation tailored to the speaker’s objectives

Check on the speaker a week before the speech and ask what challenges he or she is tackling and what would be useful for your evaluation to focus on, in addition to the speech objectives

  • Use the CRC format: Commendations to start your evaluation and warm the speaker up as well as to end your evaluation on a high note, and Recommendations in the middle. A 15s summary at the end is the perfect way to end
  • Adapt to your speaker. Be very gentle and encouraging with Icebreakers; in general, provide enough Recommendations for speakers to grow; perhaps leave tougher Recommendations for a one-to-one discussion at the bar
  • Use the third person to evaluate. “He, she, our speaker”. Not “you”. This helps you to share the tips with the whole club for all to learn, as using the second person makes it sound like you are just addressing the speaker