Meeting roles: Sergeant-at-arms

You make guests feel at home and introduce them to the Club

Arrive very early to prepare the room. Once you have done this you will be free to greet any guests; welcome them, ask them to fill in a guest card and introduce them to a member

  • During the guest introduction introduce our guests to the club by asking them to stand up, tell us their name and answer a simple question. Give them an example of a standard short answer to help them (e.g. “my name is Mary; my favourite dish is chicken and I came here to become a fantastic speaker!)
  • During voting time, collect the votes. Then count them and take note. Before the end of the meeting, send a note to the president with the results, together with ribbons for the best Table Topic, Evaluator, and Speaker. Get the ribbons before the meeting starts, as you will be busy during the meeting
  • At the end of the meeting, give the guest cards to the VPM