Meeting Roles: Grammarian

You help members improve their use of language

  • Choose a word of the day (WOD) to teach the club, which is original but not too difficult to use. Print it large and stick it in visible places as a reminder
  • Look up some “rhetorical devices” (RDs). Google has plenty of good summaries which will help you spot them during the meeting and commend their use
  • In your introduction explain the WOD plus one or two RDs and encourage speakers to use them
  • Take notes throughout the meeting to prepare your Grammarian’s report. It should acknowledge usage of the WOD and pick out the most creative use of language and RDs; it should not be a systematic review of every single speaker in order
  • Try to avoid a list of “speaker x said this, and speaker y said that and speaker z said…”. Explain why something was a good use of language; structuring your report around RDs may help (e.g. “we had some great examples of anaphora, as when speaker x said…”)